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Children’s Karate in Cambridge


The instructors here at Adrenaline Martial Arts have been teaching men, women and children since 1992 across our region.

We have taught literally tens of thousands of students in our regular classes, our special seminars and our in-school programmes, working with both state and private schools and we are very proud of the achievements that all of our students have made in that time.

Over the years we have developed specialised programmes for all ages and abilities and we have been able to take the techniques passed down by the traditional masters of yesterday and teach them in a way that is fun to learn and inspirational to our students.

This is one of the reasons our classes are in such high demand and why we have such a high retention of our students continually training and reaching their goal of Black Belt and beyond.

With our children’s programmes in particular we have really focused on developing our Life Skills Curriculum, reinforcing the values instilled at home by parents such as respect, courtesy and self-discipline.

Our instructional team are totally committed to developing our students technique, but more importantly, they are committed to developing the positive life skills the martial arts have to offer.

Our aim is simple, to provide quality martial arts tuition in a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment to the whole family and at the heart of Adrenaline Martial Arts is our full time academy in Dry Drayton.

In addition to our satellite classes around the region, there are over 30 classes taking place at the academy every week from our children beginners programmes right through to our advanced certified instructor courses.

We are really looking forward to welcoming you and your family into one of our black belt schools!
Adrenaline Martial Arts, building better communities, one Black Belt at a time….